Momversation: How do you prepare your child for big life changes?


Much as we’d like to, we can’t protect our kids from certain cards life deals us. A death in the family, a sudden move…we need to help our kids contend with these events as best they — and we — can. Mindy Roberts of The Mommy Blog asks: but how? Alice Bradley (Finslippy) and I respond.

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    Wow. That’s tough. Putting myself in her position, I’d probably err on the side of too much explanation also. I feel it’s important for our kids to understand what’s happening, even when they don’t get a vote.

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    Timely for me. We are moving our two year old from the East Coast to the Midwest in two months. We will be closer to her cousins and we are playing that part up much more than the leaving her friends behind. And her aunts. And the rest of my family. EEK!