Keep Tucks Pads in your purse to soothe bug bites

tucks.jpgIsmara’s on-the-go solution for bug bites:

As we approach the mosquito season every parent probably knows that witch hazel can help with the horrible itch of these pesky bites. Well, my son and I are hot commodities in the mosquito community and we are constantly dealing with these painful irritations. I invest in lots of 16oz bottles of witch hazel but they aren’t the easiest things to carry around in your purse but…Tucks Pads are. They are soaked with witch hazel and whenever we have that overwhelming desire to scratch away I just pull out a Tucks Pad and apply it to the bite. Works like a charm!

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  1. Kelly says

    The hospital will usually supply you with a nice container or two of witch hazel pads after you’ve given birth, as well…just like Tucks, but no cost. :D

  2. says

    Or you can find a good container (maybe your used Tucks pads jar) and put a few of those flat, round cotton pads (like for removing makeup) in there and pour in some witch hazel to soak those. Homemade Tucks!