Is Your Local Warehouse Store Worth Your While? Here’s How to Find Out

As usual, Trent at The Simple Dollar has something smart to say about the value of warehouse club memberships.

Is it worth it for you? I can’t answer that question – it’s clearly worth it for us, as we save literally hundreds a year shopping at Sam’s Club versus shopping at other grocery stores and department chains.

However, I can suggest a pretty easy way for you to figure out for yourself if you would save money at a warehouse store. [Read more]



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    I used to hit up several different stores for deals on different items. No more. I simply don’t have time. I get what I can get, and if I don’t save quite as much money, it’s a fair trade for my sanity.

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    I know Costco sends out monthly coupons as well. I try to get the stuff that doesn’t go bad, like toilet paper when I have a coupon for it. Not only is it already cheaper in bulk, but I can often save even more if I can get it with their coupons.