Clean sweatband doubles as a no-slip toddler neckwarmer

olivia.jpgThese were the images that popped into my mind when I read Emily's hack. No matter! It's brilliant!

tennis.jpgWe found this by accident the other day while my son was playing with his grandfather's sweatband/headband (luckily it was clean). He slid it around his neck and we instantly saw the potential… a scarf that won't get lost, stays neatly in place and is soft on his delicate skin. It's starting to warm up where we live, but we'll remember it for next winter!

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  1. Melanie says

    but what happens if it gets caught on something? At least a scarf is not a closed loop and has the potential to be undone… Maybe a modded headband with velcro or similar closure would work to keep toddler warm, and be safe too?

  2. schleifnet says

    that’s what i was thinking, this is a very dangerous thing to put on a toddler’s neck, not a hack by a choker, literally.

  3. amanda says

    sounds like an accident waiting to happen. you know there are actual gators you can buy for wearing on your neck. who has 80s era sweatbands lying around their house anyway?!

  4. Jennifer says

    I would think the first thing one would ask before posting a ‘hack’ is, ‘is this idea a choking/strangulation hazard?’

    Horrible, awful, dangerous idea that will get someone killed. If you had any common sense at all, you’d remove this and put a disclaimer in its place.

  5. kb says

    That’s right up there with jogging on the beach with headphones. Yep, it happened, a few weeks ago, some guy gets killed when an airplane made an emergency landing on a beach and he didn’t hear it coming. Give me a break. What ever happened to common sense and reason? If you tried to protect your child and yourself from every conceivable danger in life, neither you or your child would have time to live. It’s great to consider the possibilities, as long as you consider the probabilities. Otherwise you’d never let your kid ride in a car, get on a kiddie ride at the carnival, go outside, or take a bath. If you’ve got a hook out there that could hang on the scarf, get rid of the hook for God’s sake.