Backwards cardigan or fleece jacket makes a cozy car seat “Snuggie”

snuggie.jpgIt was only a matter of time till the Snuggie made an appearance at Parent Hacks. For the pop-culture humor if not for the practical value. Erika's Snuggie-like hack makes the in-and-out of the car seat so much easier, especially during the variable Springtime weather:

The other day I buckled my (3 month old) daughter into her car seat I realized I had forgotten to put on her sweater. In a moment of desperation (laziness? inspiration? – dealer's choice) I put her cardigan on backwards – "Snuggie" style. It is much easier to stick a baby's arms into a backwards cardigan when she is already strapped into her seat than really anything else I've tried for getting her dressed and out the door every morning. The girl has been rocking the backwards cardi everyday since. And you know what – it is awesome.

"Rocking the backwards cardi." I just had to say that again because, well, just because. Another alternative: the always chic poncho.

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    What a brilliant idea! I’ve struggled with adjusting the car seat straps for each different diva coat’s bulk. This is so much easier! Thanks!

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    We’ve done this for years and it works for older kids as well. My oldest daughter *always* hated wearing her coat under the car seat straps. We did this every winter until she grew into the booster seat.

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    Car seat safety enthusiasts have been doing this for years. It’s unsafe to have bulky sweaters and jackets underneath the straps.