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Ask the Readers: How to Talk About Money with Teenagers? J. D.'s hosting a great conversation over at Get Rich Slowly. There's gold in the comments.

Gardening with kids: Best of Parent Hacks


Gardening with kids! There are so many reasons to get your kids growing things, digging in the yard, or even sprouting a few seeds in a pot on the front step. Here are our best "gardening with kids" tips to get you started. Creating a kid-friendly garden Save spring prunings for edging and fairy house […]

Best of Parent Hacks: Time-saving tips for healthy family meals

The sun's coming out, and my already low motivation to cook is sinking even lower. I want to be outside in the late afternoon playing, not slaving over a hot stove! Over the weekend, I want to be at the park, not the grocery store! But people still gotta eat. And when I get organized […]

Oprah’s push to end distracted driving: No Phone Zone


via Have you ever had a close call while talking on the cell phone while driving? I'm embarrassed to say I have. I once narrowly missed a pedestrian. Another time, I almost rear-ended the car in front of me because I didn't notice the light had changed. We multitask. We're busy. We have so […]

Store diaper disposal bags in an empty tissue box


Nancy's hack is a recycling dynamo — reusing plastic bags and tissue boxes at the same time! In the April issue of Real Simple, I read a great hack – use empty tissue boxes to store plastic bags.  I realized I could easily combine this with a hack I read about on Parent Hacks that […]

Healthy family meals: Best of Parent Hacks

Six O'Clock Scramble

Keeping the family fed is one of my biggest time- and attention-consumers. We could all use a bit of help feeding the family when we get home late, or when we just want a break. Here are our best tips and recipes for easy, healthy family feeding. We add new tips all the time; come […]

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Large And In Charge: The Britax Chaperone Infant Car Seat And Stroller || ZRecommends Adrienne Jones, longtime Parenthacker and person I've been wanting to meet for years now, wrote an amazing review. Don't need a car seat/stroller? Neither do I. I'm just blown away by her hard work and incredible attention to detail. Normal Yet […]

Is Your Local Warehouse Store Worth Your While? Here’s How to Find Out

As usual, Trent at The Simple Dollar has something smart to say about the value of warehouse club memberships. Is it worth it for you? I can’t answer that question – it’s clearly worth it for us, as we save literally hundreds a year shopping at Sam’s Club versus shopping at other grocery stores and […]