Turn a Kabaclip contact lens case into a sanitary earplug holder

kabaclip.jpgDawn’s smart solution for keeping track of earplugs (especially expensive fitted ones):

Just recently my daughter had tubes put in her ears for chronic ear infections. She now needs to wear ear plugs in the bath and for swimming until the tubes come out.

One week after the surgery I lost one of her fitted plugs. Frustrated by not having something secure/sanitary to keep them in I found the Kabaclip contact lens case. Unlike a traditional lens case it has a u shaped clip (to place it on your bottle of contact cleaning solution) but also a small hole at the end of the U shaped clip that can be attached with a string to anywhere in the bathroom. As an afterthought, I purchased a second case and I attached a small chain (like the ones that come on the zippers of bookbags etc) and attached it to the inside zipper of my swim bag for the summer. Problem solved. No more lost plugs and the case can be washed and cleaned to keep the plugs clean and dry!

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  1. Sarah E says

    Oh, Wow, what a great idea! Last week my 10 month old son also got ear tubes and I’ve been trying to think of a way not to lose the earplugs. Parenthacks to the rescue again! Thanks, Dawn!

  2. Carrie Cain says

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  3. says

    Brilliant! I love re-purposed stuff. Sometimes we overlook the simplest solutions when it is right in front of us.

  4. says

    My next post on The MomSpeak highlights the fantastic series of family camping hacks we featured here throughout the summer: Tips for camping with your baby I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of those tips, and, in fact, am planning to pitch the tent in the backyard this weekend.