Life Scoop: Favorite iPhone Games for Kids

Picture 7.pngI have an arms-length relationship with my iPhone. In fact, it isn’t even mine, and it isn’t even a phone. It’s my husband Rael’s cast-off, and I use it with no phone plan (just as a wireless device to sync my contacts, Google Calendar, and to use the to-do app Things).

As such, my next post for the Intel-sponsored site Life Scoop withholds the rah-rah “My IPhone Contains The Solution To Every Problem!” gushing I often hear elsewhere. And, by “elsewhere,” I mean “my husband.”

Fact is, there are a bunch of wonderful kids’ games for the iPhone. And sometimes, when the kids are unraveling in the dentist’s waiting room or on a long car ride, a good iPhone game can be your ace in the hole.

Favorite iPhone Games for Kids

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  1. says

    LetterWriter Oceans by BarkingDog Interactive
    best tracing program I have found by far!
    Cute sounds, wiggling fish that follow your child’s tracing efforts and rewards with a cute rhyme. all with a well intergrated ocean thyme and pleasant background music

    In general any children’s app that has move than 30 reviews and still has better than three star rating on App Store is worth a look

  2. Cindy says

    My 20 month old son loves the “Peekaboo Barn” app, and I’ve noticed how much of the animal sounds, names, and placing them with the picture he’s learning! My only complaint is that kids say the name of the animals and they don’t pronounce them correctly.

    Also just found Toddler Car, Ship & Rocket (TipTap books) that does vehicle noises to the picture. He much prefers the tractor, but it’s teaching him how to scroll by touch/hold, drag, lift. Kinda silly, but life skill, am I right?!

    Toddler iBirthday (also from TipTap) is adorable to listen to my son go “Haaaap Birrrr” singing along with the Happy Birthday song and slobbering over my phone trying to blow the candles out, which you can do into the microphone. Caution, that one requires cleaning ;-)