links for 2010-03-31

Cool Camps (Part 1): 7 Summer Camps So Fun They’ll Make You Wish You Were A Kid Again Two words: Jedi camp. Thanks, Alan! Tweetage Wasteland : We All Have Photographic Memories Thoughts on our new digitally-captured lives…do we remember our experiences or just the pictures? By my brilliant and prolific friend, Dave Pell. Make […]

Life Scoop: Teach kids social skills with “cheat sheets”

For my next post for the Intel-sponsored site Life Scoop, I talk about one of my technology-aided methods for helping my son develop his social skills. “Cheat sheets,” as I call them, turn the abstract world of social rules into something more concrete…which means that we may be able to have more dinner parties this […]

Parent Hacks admin: Finding a new way


As many of you know by now, I've recently started home schooling my 10 year-old son (hence, yesterday's "mad scientist" photo!). We've been on a rocky path through the school system for the last few years, and it has finally deposited us right where we began…at home.   Time to be humble all over again. Parenting, […]

Life Scoop: Websites for budding scientists (a.k.a. all kids)

My next post for the Intel-sponsored site Life Scoop shares some of my exciting Web finds around science learning. My son is a self-described scientist, so one of my first inclinations has been to see what's online. What I'm finding is thrilling, and it's teaching me that all kids, not just the "science-y" ones, will […]