Momversation: Should you pull your kid out of school for “life experience?”

Is it ok to pull your kids out of school for "life experience?" That's the question I posed (in frightening close-up!) to the ladies of Momversation: in this episode, Jessica of, Karen Walrond of Chookoloonks and Dana Loesch of Mamalogues. I got fascinating answers from them, from Momversation viewers in the comments at, […]

Momversation: Advocating for your child

Advocating for your child The timing for this episode couldn't be more perfect. The topic (thanks to Jessica of advocating for your child. Do you? Should you? If so, how? Why? In Jessica's case, becoming her children's' advocate has meant fighting for the best medical and educational care. In mine, it has meant years […]

Layer cotton pants and skirts to keep them from falling down


You know something good's afoot when kids start coming up with their own hacks. From Bethany: My oldest daughter actually came up with this one! She is really petite and we were given lots hand-me-down cotton pants, leggings, and other pants that lack belt loops. Since I’m not great at sewing I’ve struggled to find […]

links for 2010-02-08

kidyos – the best of the web for kids Pre-screened videos, games and educational content for 1-6 YO kids. Thanks, Oren! Baby Toolkit: Dock those tails: Streamlining adjustable elastic pants YES! My no-waist daughter always has these thingies sticking out. Thank you, Adrienne (by way of Tracy)! Smart-Bottom Enterprises: Personal ABC Books I always admire […]

Life Scoop: Your own personal “events” calendar

Life Scoop

How do you keep track of the about-town activities you might want to do if you feel like it and have time and noone's sick and… My next post for the Intel-sponsored site Life Scoop shares my solution: a personalized "Possibilities" calendar. Related: Life Scoop: Five ways texting can make your life easier