Pack lunchbox condiments and dressings in medicine dosing cups

glad.jpgKimberly's got a great lunchbox tip:

We all have several of the dosing cups that come with our children's medicines tucked away in a drawer somewhere. I've come up with a great re-purpose idea for them: if you pack sandwiches in your lunches, but don't like putting condiments on them until you're ready to eat, these little medicine measuring cups are the perfect size. Fill a medicine cup with whatever condiments you like and then cover with plastic wrap and pack it in your lunch. No more soggy sandwich bread! This is also an excellent way to carry salad dressing for your salads.

Re: the plastic wrap choice — have you ever tried Glad Press 'n Seal? It's expensive, but for times when the tightness of the seal is more important than the overall coverage area, I find that it works really well.

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  1. Sara says

    Even better, if you use the syringe type there is no chance of spilling and the can still make a happy face on their baloney

  2. Jayme says

    I searched and searched the web for something small enough to fit in a bento box to hold sauces. Tupperware makes a 1 oz container called smidgens or smidgets that work great and won’t leak. I love them and use them regularly in my daughter’s lunch box.

  3. Jenna says

    We use those medicine cups for helping my 4 yr old bake with me. we say “fill 1/2 way with salt” or vanilla, or minced carrots, or whatever. It makes her feel very important, and lets us set everything up ahead of time.

  4. says

    Umm…I dunno ’bout anyone else, but that little cup with plastic wrap would get smashed to pieces in my kid’s lunchbox!! I just use small reusable, sealable plastic containers with lids. Yes, I spent a few bucks on them & the medicine cups come free with the medicine, but those aren’t very sturdy, and I usually lose them before the medicine is gone.

  5. km says

    buy a cheap set of containers that are approved for flying. They have a great assortment of small jars and bottles all in one bag at a great price. We use them dip, yoghurt etc.