Makeshift “peek-a-boo” nets you a few wiggle-free seconds to change a diaper

Martin's wiggly baby tip:

My daughter is 8 months old and is wriggling and rolling like nobody's business – especially when we're trying to put on a fresh nappy (I guess you call them diapers). One way I've found of creating a few seconds' wriggle-free window of opportunity is to cover her face with whatever's handy, usually a washcloth or some about-to-be worn clothing, a la peek-a-boo – she's then concentrating on pulling it off her face instead of wriggling and I get to finish the job!

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  1. jess says

    i created a game and song called “pants on mommy’s head” that distracted my wiggler and made her giggle, too. she now sings the song herself with various objects.

  2. Cheryl says

    My youngest is 18, but I remember how much they squirmed. I used cloth diapers and always worried about poking one of us with the pin. I kept my child occupied with tape. I made a big loop of masking or duct tape and stuck it on their hand. They were fascinated with moving it from hand to hand. It was reserved for the changing table only. I took it away promptly in case they decided to try eating it.

  3. says

    We play peek-a-boo with his pants. It gets them out of my way and as long as I’m maintaining eye contact with him, he keeps playing. Another thing he likes is to give him a clean diaper and he plays with the velcro.

  4. Chaya says

    I find “stuff on the head” to be a most effective parenting technique for the 1-4. Don’t want to put on a diaper? But look, mommy has a diaper on her head..Don’t want to sit in your highchair? Mommy has a bib on her head!! Mommy put her shoes on her head…isn’t she crazy!!! They come running EVERY TIME, instead of squirming away. You would think it gets old. No it does not. Reminds of me of that SNL sketch…”Now give me some candy!”

  5. No Nym says

    Put the pants on their head.

    When that wears off, ask them to point to their head, their nose, their ears, etc.