02 February 2010

Cut your toddler's nails while he's "playing" with the computer

Another distraction-while-grooming tip! From Stephanie:

Cutting nails has ALWAYS been a struggle with my son (now 2). He absolutely hated it and I was always afraid of cutting him since he was squirming so much until I found...THE COMPUTER (insert any favored hands-free distraction here. -- Ed.). I go to the Sesame Street website and let him bang on the keyboard. Meanwhile, he doesn't realize he's even getting his nails cut. It worked so well he now asks if he can go "Cut your nails?"

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Me announcing "Free TV time" is code in my house for cutting nails. My boys have it down to a science and jump right up and switch sides when I yell SWITCH.

I'm a huge fan of cutting toe nails while my twins are in their high chairs. There isn't much room for kicking and their hands can't get in the way. If I give them something to play with they don't get bothered at all when I do it.

Oh yeah, TV bribery here for nail-cutting time. Our implement of choice are those scissors with the rounded tip (marketed for trimming nose hairs), as the 'clip clip' noise draws attention and eventually makes our toddler upset.

i wait until mt boy is asleep. he doesn't even notice. lol.

I usually do it during potty time. I have him count with me "1-2-3" then I clip! He still is a little uncomfortable sometimes, but I just have him try to focus only on the counting and it seems to help a lot.

This is really strange.. why not doing when they're sleeping? I thought that was a give in..

I usually do it just after bath time. I'll ask to look at his nails and then say "oh look, that needs to be cut, can I fix it please?" He's two and will usually let me. If he doesn't I try the next night. Sometimes it's only one or two nails so I start with the longest but we get there. :)

Sesame Street TV bribery here too!

I cut his (he is almost 3) nails while he is asleep since he was born (especially the first 30 min his sleep is sooo deep)

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