25 February 2010

20 minute dinner: Chicken Dumpling Soup

In: Mealtime

better.jpgThe only thing that saved us from takeout this last night was that no one could agree on what to eat. Good thing, too -- I had all the ingredients for this delicious soup, and it probably took less time to make than we would have spent ordering food. (Certainly a lot less money.)


Bring chicken broth* to a simmer, and then add one or all of the following:

- 7-10 frozen chicken dumplings (Traders Joe's, YUM)
- thinly sliced vegies (green onion, carrot, celery, asparagus, water chestnuts, baby corn, cabbage, peas, bamboo shoots...anything else in the fridge)
- diced breast of chicken, frozen or raw (the soup will poach the meat)
- a few frozen shrimp
- cubes of tofu
- leftover rice
- a few cilantro leaves
- soy sauce to taste

broth.jpgBy the time you set the table, the soup yummies will be cooked and ready to eat!

Serve with cooked edamame (boil frozen edamame for five minutes in salted water) and some crunchy bread.

* I'm a fan of Pacific chicken broth -- organic and it comes packed in an aseptic box. Also "Better Than Bouillon" concentrate. Otherwise, use whatever broth or stock you prefer.

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Mm, I'm looking forward to trying this. Better Than Boullion also makes an organic version...that stuff is so handy!

The Cooking With Trader Joes Cookbook has a version of this where you add some ginger and pour the finished soup into bowls that have fresh baby spinach in them. You can do 3 ingredients that way and be OK in a pinch: broth, gyoza, spinach.

We love this and make it frequently...you can also add a package or two of ramen noodles (throwing out the seasoning packet) at the end.

That sounds simply yummy! I love how you made the recipe versatile with replacement suggestions!

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