Fashion a bandaid out of leaves

pickle.jpgSounds like something from The Jungle Book or Lost! Awesome. From Brock:

While out walking with the family, my 4 year old son's finger started hurting (from him picking his fingernails). He wanted a band-aid (now!), crying was immenent, and we were a 15 minute walk back to the car. I grabbed some long leaves from a nearby tree, and tied them around his finger. It was a great game, a novelty, and worked perfectly. No crying. My 1 year old also wanted one, and my wife and I were also made to wear them.

Alternately, there are these pickle bandages.

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  1. says

    If you’re in the woods, try to find some Broad Leaf or Long Leaf Plantain. These aren’t plantains like grow by the equator, they’re a ground-herb, and the leaves are useful at healing minor cuts and easing wounds.