links for 2010-02-26

What I learned as a camp counselor | Manic Mommies® Media, Inc. Kristin recalls how her motivational and organizational skills as a camp counselor are perfectly put to use as a mom (when she remembers). Great reminders.

20 minute dinner: Chicken Dumpling Soup


The only thing that saved us from takeout this last night was that no one could agree on what to eat. Good thing, too — I had all the ingredients for this delicious soup, and it probably took less time to make than we would have spent ordering food. (Certainly a lot less money.) CHICKEN […]

links for 2010-02-24

How To Support a School Project Without Micromanaging | GNMParents Oh, yes. Thanks for this, Megin — great stuff!

Fashion a bandaid out of leaves


Sounds like something from The Jungle Book or Lost! Awesome. From Brock: While out walking with the family, my 4 year old son's finger started hurting (from him picking his fingernails). He wanted a band-aid (now!), crying was immenent, and we were a 15 minute walk back to the car. I grabbed some long leaves […]

Amazon deal: Up to 50% off fave family DVDs and Blu-Ray discs


Wow! Amazon’s put a bunch of kids’ movies on sale, and just about every one of them is a keeper!   Discounts range from about 38%-50%. Big showing by Disney and Pixar movies, plus Coraline, Fiddler on the Roof (and other musicals), and even The Three Stooges (!). Evergreen entertainment. This sale is sure to round […]

links for 2010-02-22

Learning to Read with a Cootie Catcher How COOL is this? You remember cootie catchers, right — the origami-like toy/game many of us played with in elementary school? Turn it into a learning toy! Thanks so much, Rachel, I'm going to do this.

links for 2010-02-20

Spare change doodles A few coins scattered on a restaurant placemat inspire art. Thanks, Amida! The City Cradle – Bike wreath with plastic bottle flowers. Some people. So creative. Even the BIKE was from a thrift store! Thank you, Vicky! I love your style. At least somebody likes to clean… « Capa Tosta Look at […]