Simple system for storing and organizing hand-me-downs

Hand-me-down storage

I was captivated by this baby clothing and hand-me-down management system — part of Ohdeedoh's Best of 2009 roundup of creative storage solutions. Print big labels onto 8 1/2×11 paper or card stock, slide into place. Simple, functional, cheap. These are a few of my favorite things.


  1. says

    I’ve been doing this since my first born started outgrowing clothes seven years ago. It is an awesome system. So simple and adaptable. We label all of our attic storage this way. Nothing is worse than wandering around a spider filled attic with no clue where the thing your looking for it. Problem solved.

  2. Joann says

    Reminds me of a house I was looking at. In the basement was a clear plastic bin of nothing but pink clothes labeled ’18-24 months GIRL.’ And they appeared to have only girls.

  3. Gilda says

    We do this exact thing and we have the same empty clear bins in our girls’ closet so clean outgrown clotes goes directly in there for the next stage that they’re (quickly) outgrowing.

  4. says

    I heard once of saving a few diaper boxes and using them for the clothes that coincide with the diaper size. I find it to be even simpler than printing labels and cheaper than buying the clear tubs.

  5. says

    Costco sells the bins 3 for $15. It’s a great system, been using a similar one for the last couple of years.

  6. says

    I also did this but we never seemed to get the timing right with the next child in regards to gender or season. What has served us best for hand me downs is to keep everything as stain-free as possible and then take it to a other second hand store that pays cash. Our store Kid-2-Kid (which I believe is found nationwide). They take what they want and give you the choice of store credit or cash. If you want cash, they deduct 20%. We take our outgrown clothes in and essentially trade them out for gently used clothes that fit NOW. The store has to make money and it’s not an even exchange piece for piece, but it’s way better than the gamble that your next kid will be the right gender and season to fit those clothes that you’ve lovingly stored. We had lost an entire walk-in closet to storage bins full of clothing and toys, now it’s just one shelf of summer clothes waiting for March to arrive so I can turn them in. Kid-2-Kid doesn’t take everything, and those extra things go to Goodwill. I know that I can get nice affordable gently used clothes for the next kid so there’s no need for me to take the gamble that they’ll work out next time.

  7. Rachel says

    I used to use the opaque bins, and used packing tape to attach the labels, but then I started using electrical or duct tape to make the number on the outside.