Playtex Drop Ins bottle doubles as a portable cracker container

Ritz in a Playtex Drop-In!

Jamie's found a way to keep snack crackers from being pulverized in the diaper bag:

Playtext Drop Ins Original NurserWhen I want to pack Ritz crackers in my son's diaper bag without them ending up as cracker crumbs in the bottom of the bag, I just put the tube of crackers into a Playtex Drop Ins Original Nurser bottle (leftover from his baby days!). It holds a little more than half a tube and the crackers stay in perfect shape, protected by the plastic of the bottle. The crackers don't slide through since one end of the bottle is just a little too small, and it doesn't take up too much room in the diaper bag.

If you're looking for a trans-fat free alternative to Ritz, Barbara's Bakery makes Rite Lite Rounds. They're delish, crunchy, organic, and they scratch the Ritz itch. (What? You don't get the Ritz itch? For me, it's a holdover from childhood. Ritz and Wheat Thins occupy a special place in my gustatory memory.)

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    Can you post a picture of how it looks once the Ritz crackers are in place and how you keep them in the side that is open? Also, is there a drop-in in place?

    I was never a drop-in mom; I used glass bottles with breatmilk. So, I don’t have a good mental picture.

    Thank you,