33 hacks in January 2010

20 January 2010

Amazon Lightning Deal next four hours only: Logitech Harmony Remote 57% off

If you've sworn off universal remotes because they never seem to work as advertised, think again. We have a Harmony remote, and finally, regular humans can operate our TV/DVR/DVD/Netflix setup. The remote is programmable, but what I love best is its Help feature: if you push buttons and the wrong...

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19 January 2010

links for 2010-01-19

Savvy Parenting : Happier Mornings Simple good ideas here. All we know (if we rush, they slow down), but we (OK, I) need reminding. Love for Haiti « Skip To My Lou As a thank you for any size donation to Haiti relief efforts, Cindy is giving away a download...

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18 January 2010

Amazon Gold Box: Clever In-car DVD Player case 63% off

This clever case for a portable DVD player attaches to the front seat of the car so folks in the back seat can watch at a decent viewing height. Get a headphone splitter so everyone can watch at once! It's in the Amazon Gold Box today for $25.99 (63% off...

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16 January 2010

Parent Hacks community: Let's talk (more!) about how to talk more

If you've been hanging around here a while, you probably know that I've been making noises for years about adding community features to Parent Hacks. The goal: to open things up so YOU can ask questions and start conversations. Parent Hacks is, in essence, a community blog in that most...

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15 January 2010

Serve toddlers soup with a personal medicine cup "ladle"

Leah's found a great way to reuse the dosing cups that come with liquid medicines: My two year-old daughter loves egg drop soup, but it's so slippery she can rarely get it onto the soup spoon and then into her mouth. We came up with the idea of giving her...

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15 January 2010

How to get helium balloons down from a high ceiling

Kerry's hack SUCKS (bwah! ha ha! ha...ahem.): I had two balloons stuck in my two-story entryway, while two little boys sobbed for them to come down NOW. Although they had ribbons tied to them, I still couldn't reach the ends, even with my six-foot ladder. I really didn't want to...

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14 January 2010

Let little kids "help" with cooking by placing the mixing bowl on the open dishwasher door

Chrissy's smart "kids in the kitchen" hack: Stumbled across this idea by accident this week when my four year-old wanted to help with the cooking. She's kind of a wild stirrer and flour has a tendency to end up all over so I was feeling resistant to having her help....

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14 January 2010

Playtex Drop Ins bottle doubles as a portable cracker container

Jamie's found a way to keep snack crackers from being pulverized in the diaper bag: When I want to pack Ritz crackers in my son's diaper bag without them ending up as cracker crumbs in the bottom of the bag, I just put the tube of crackers into a Playtex...

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14 January 2010

links for 2010-01-14

Waffleizer If you own a waffle iron, read it. How did you find this, Erin? Wool "Won't Come Off" Baby Helmet from a Sweater Sleeve You had me at "won't come off."

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13 January 2010

links for 2010-01-13

Haiti Eathquake Relief: Donate to Foyer de Sion Orphanage My dear friend (and regular Parenthacker) Judie and her family travel to Haiti regularly to support this orphanage and its beautiful children. Make a donation to help it recover from the terrible earthquake that has just hit Haiti. Snowflake Food Fun...

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11 January 2010

links for 2010-01-11

Chicken Counting: A Playful Start to the Day Paper "tablecloth" for morning doodling. Beautiful. My kids would doodle all morning and never get out the door, but I could see using this as a way to playfully remind them about the morning "get ready" routine. Thanks for inspiring us, Laura!...

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10 January 2010

links for 2010-01-10

The City Cradle –Ironic footballing bunting This is just too clever not to link. Thanks, Vicky! How-To: Nursing Cover If it's CRAFT:, it's gotta be cute. The Best Time to Buy Almost Everything (Get Rich Slowly) Everything J. D. puts out there is full of quality, utility, and hope. Practical...

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10 January 2010

Simple system for storing and organizing hand-me-downs

I was captivated by this baby clothing and hand-me-down management system -- part of Ohdeedoh's Best of 2009 roundup of creative storage solutions. Print big labels onto 8 1/2x11 paper or card stock, slide into place. Simple, functional, cheap. These are a few of my favorite things.

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09 January 2010

links for 2010-01-09

conference call pot luck (with spoon lamb recipe) « The Improvised Life Use a free conference call service to plan a potluck! Thanks, Cindy. KneeBouncers | Free Toddler, Preschool, Educational Games and Fun For the tiny ones who want to play computer games like the big kids -- no mouse...

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07 January 2010

links for 2010-01-07

Homemade Gummi Candy « Skip To My Lou Cindy never fails to come up with imaginative projects! Thank you as always for the great pointers.

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