Keeps kids’ toothbrushes and toothpaste in reach with a sponge holder

OXO sponge holderFrom Nicole of Parentville:

I use a flexible sponge holder for kids’ toothbrush/toothpaste, since typically kids’ brushes/paste are too little to fit in a taller toothbrush cup. Plus, the bottom of this holder has holes, so water is less likely to collect and can drain on the bottom.

Nicole! You have just solved a problem that has plagued us for YEARS! Thank you!

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  1. says

    We don’t have a vanity in our bathroom, so space on/near the sink is very limited. My husband affixed one of these to the side of the sink (it hangs over the trash can) — perfect!

  2. Alexandra says

    This is a great idea – we use a standard mesh pencil cup for the same purpose, which drains pretty well too.