Transparent blue recycling bags streamline getting donated clothes and toys out the door

bluebag.jpgAmy's tip for keeping Goodwill donations organized and visible:

As our kids get older we have lots of outgrown clothes and toys to give away. We have lots of grownup things to give away when we attempt to de-clutter too. To streamline our system and make sure that my husband and I both know which things have already been designated to give away, we've started putting all of our donations in transparent blue garbage/recycling bags. That way, they can be stored in our garage until the next charity pick up in our neighborhood.

On the designated day, we can easily put all our blue bags outside our door. In the meantime, if we decide that something previously marked for donation should go to a friend or that we still need it, we can find it easily in the transparent bags.

What a great idea. Several organizations in our area will pick up donations — these bags would work perfectly for that purpose, too.


  1. Amy says

    I ordered my last batch on amazon, but some grocery stores carry them too. Just search for “blue recycling bags.”