Beer case inserts as Christmas ornament dividers

Ornament storage boxRaise your hand if you've still got to take down the Christmas tree! For you, a relevant hack from Tracy (contributor of what must be at least 50 great hacks over the years):

Okay… hopefully you won’t go out and buy a case of beer just for this hack :-) but it just so happens that Miller puts their bottles in a cardboard box with dividers (“aka” inserts) that look very similar to the ornament dividers you can purchase in the stores.

I'm thinking that the cardboard holders for beer bottles could do the same job. As could light bulb packaging and some fancy fruit delivery boxes (I got a box of Harry & David pears once and you'd swear the things were as delicate as Faberge eggs).

Any other creative ideas for reusing packaging to store Christmas ornaments?

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  1. rebs says

    We don’t have anything that delicate so I wrap the ornaments in the wrapping paper debris.

  2. says

    My mother-in-law works for a small winery, so she has given us several wine boxes with dividers. My parents owned a store when I was a kid and they kept similar divided boxes that we still use today.

  3. ladykay says

    I worry about using any container that had fresh food (fruit, etc.) in it for long term storage; I’am afraid of it attracting varmits. Have you had any issues with that?

  4. says

    I work in a convenience store and brought home two beer boxes from work for this purpose two weeks ago. They held all my loose ornaments and a lot of small decorations as well. by putting a cardboard “tray” (that energy drinks come cased in) on top of the beer bottle dividers I still had room on top for even more storage. We also like to use seasonal Christmas tins for storing super fragile items.

  5. Sandy says

    I just put the ornaments into little bubble-wrap envelopes and line them up in smaller cardboard boxes from Amazon. I don’t remember where I got the bubble-wrap though.

  6. lucy says

    we use old toilet roll/kitchen towel tubes to put the tinsel in. If you fold them up and stuff them in the middle of the tube with just a little tinsel sticking out of the end you can tell which is which, bits don’t fall apart so easy and they are all untangled for next year.

  7. says

    What a great idea! I still haven’t put away my Christmas stuff yet, but when I do, I’m going to go through our recycle bin and really “recycle” those cardboard divider things!

  8. says

    Egg cartons are good to store small, delicate ornaments. I make a lot of my own ornaments, and the egg cartons work very well. If you have flat ornaments, like ones made of reed or crochet, try putting them in recycled envelopes.