17 December 2009

Scrambled eggs for a group? Cook them in a saucepan (not a skillet) to keep them hot

In: Mealtime

SaucepanScrambled eggs is one of my full-proof, quick snacks/meals. Everyone in my family loves them, they're filling, they take five minutes to prepare, and they are full of protein. But when I cook eggs for more than one person, I have to stand around cooking to order, and the eggs still get cold quickly. This may be one of those hacks that helps .00001% of the Parent Hacks readership, but I'll go for it anyway, because I HATE COLD SCRAMBLED EGGS.

Last night, instead of using my usual skillet, I cooked the eggs in a deeper covered saucepan. The process took a bit longer as there was less hot surface area to go around, but the result was a pot of fluffy scrambled eggs that stayed warm while we all ate dinner together. My family thought I was nuts for being excited about this discovery, but YOU AND I know that even the tiniest discovery can be a valid parent hack. Right?

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Love it! I'm totally using this hack next time I cook scrambled eggs.

I have always used a saucepan, albeit a smallish one, I never knew you could make scrambled eggs in a skillet.

is full-proof really an expression? maybe fool-proof?

Scrambled eggs are a staple in our household too, only we've discovered you don't even need the pan--spray some cooking spray in a microwave safe bowl, then scramble eggs as normal with desired ingredients and place in microwave. Halfway through cooking time (usually after a minute), just fluff the eggs, then cook for additional time. Perfect fluffy eggs every time.

I like this idea, but don't know if I could ever get them the texture I like them in a saucepan. I like my scrambled eggs brown and crispy. :)

Ooh! That's a perfect hack! Thanks!!

I actually do this all the time, but I cook bacon and crumble in the mix-it's a hit at my house!

Wow! I never would have thought of it, but... but... Obviously!! LOL

Well, I must be the .00001%! This is an excellent idea. I make "breakfast for dinner" at least once a week and every time I cook several batches of scrambled eggs because I can't fit it all in the skillet at once. Then we end up eating cold food. Or, more to the point, I end up eating cold food. Just like the Mom in "A Christmas Story". Why does that movie mean so much more to me AFTER I have kids!?

Why would you ever not cook scrambled eggs in a saucepan?

That's the only way I know how and a skillet doesn't give them the right texture.

cooking them in a saucepan seems to be standard in the UK. My mum-in-law looked at me very oddly when I told her I had a small skillet for doing just one or two eggs. Then she picked up the littlest saucepan sitting forlornly in the back of the shelf. I never use it for anything, now it has a reason not to go to charity!

I was going to say the same thing that Nill Zed said - it's usual to do scrambled eggs in a saucepan here in the UK - I've never seen anyone do them in a frying-pan!

Thanks for this tips! Now I know how to cook scrambled egg for a group properly.


This is a very solid post.

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