Reuse mesh fruit bags to store bath toys (drip dry!)

I've been trying for a long time to come up with a good use for those mesh bags in which satsuma oranges come packaged. Finally! Pay dirt! They make great drip-dry holders for bath toys — just hang the bag from a plastic suction cup hook in the shower! They'd be good as summertime sand toy holders as well.

Do you have any other uses for mesh fruit bags?

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  1. says

    I use them to hold my balls of yarn while knitting. I normally run the yarn out through the top, although you could pull through the side. The bags keep my yarn from rolling around in a large knitting bag or on the couch, keeps it from accumulating junk and it prevents the cats from getting too interested in it.

    It also makes it dead simple to move the yarn between bags or other containers – no more snags, unrolled ends, knots or Katamari Damacy accretions from being dropped into a purse or backpack full of other stuff. Also, you can clip the bag to your belt/loop with a carabiner so that your yarn goes with you as you shift around or even walk.

    Bonus: if you’re working with multiple colors, just stack the balls on their sides for easy pulling, and pull the yarns out the top of the balls and through a nearby hole.

  2. Altissima says

    This won’t use up many, but those mesh bags make great scourers for non-stick and other delicately-surfaced kitchenware.
    I love Soni’s suggestion above for wrangling yarn. Brilliant!

  3. says

    We’ve used the mesh bags to provide nesting material for birds. I simply fill them with bits of yarn or string and hang them out in a tree. I’ve also filled them with used old raffia; the hair from my parents’ dog’s grooming brush; and the hair from my hairbrush.

  4. Riss says

    A lot of my children’s small toys/games/puzzles are stored in Mess bags, especially after the box starts to fall apart. We just take off the top of the box/instruction part, and included that in the bag.

  5. says

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