22 hacks in December 2009

07 December 2009

Take digital photos at the toy store to create a photographic "Santa list"

Veronica's idea sheds light on the "I want it" impulse that (frankly) we often encourage during the Christmas season: To help Santa bring the right present for my kids this year, I took the kids to the toy store and we took pictures of the kids showing the toys they...

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05 December 2009

links for 2009-12-05

Boston Mamas: Simplifying The Holidays: Holiday Hacks My guest post at Boston Mamas, hosted by the ever-generous Christine Koh.

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04 December 2009

links for 2009-12-04

Lovely homemade Advent Calendar This one focuses on the spirit rather than the gifts. Thank you, Vicky!

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04 December 2009

Mark a Hanukkah menorah "safe boundary" with tape

This year, Hanukkah starts on the evening of December 11. Here's Anna's wise menorah safety hack: My kids are almost 6, almost 3, and just 1. We involve the older kids in lighting their own menorahs, picking out the candles, helping with the actual lighting, etc. But, there is a...

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04 December 2009

Amazon deal: 1 year of FamilyFun Magazine for $4.95

Update: Read the comment thread about how mag publishers sell your contact info for marketing purposes, and how you can easily opt out when you subscribe. Thank you, Amanda, for bringing up this important topic. Amazon's at it again with the magazine promotion, and one of my favorites, Disney FamilyFun,...

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02 December 2009

Holiday gift idea: Logitech Harmony Universal Remote 56% off at Amazon

Excellent update! (12/4, 9:27am PST): Hey! Right now, the price is $59.99, even better than when I first posted! Get it quick -- the price appears to be bouncing all over the place. Unfortunate update: Based on JEP's comment, I checked the price later in the day and it went...

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02 December 2009

Life Scoop: Painless holiday cards

I'm feeling pretty smug about how well my Thanksgiving planning went this year, so, as a guest post for the new Intel-sponsored site Life Scoop, I've detailed my "system" for getting holiday cards out on time. Do you have tips for simplifying sending holiday cards? I'd love to hear them!...

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