Life Scoop: New Year’s Resolutions…for Parent Hacks and for me

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As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been rather absent for the last couple of weeks. My abrupt silence usually signals that something big’s going on offline, which is the case right now. Our turbulent 2009 is coming in for a bumpy landing, and we’re just hanging on till the skidding stops.

The good news is that we’re managing to have a lot of fun during these low-key at-home days. Portland had unexpected snow last night, which is delightful. We’ve seen Avatar twice (and may go for the IMAX 3D version this weekend). Plenty of cooking and decorating. My sincere wish is that 2010 takes off smoothly, and that it lands somewhere in the vicinity of where we think we want to go.

With that in mind, I submit to you my New Year’s Resolutions, both for Parent Hacks and for myself. I’ve posted both as videos on Life Scoop, and I invite you drop by and have a look. My resolution for Parent Hacks directly relates to YOU, the people who make this such an amazing place, and who I miss when I go underground. My resolution for myself also has to do with reconnection, and what I need to make that happen.

Life Scoop: My New Year’s Resolution for Parent Hacks

Life Scoop: My Personal New Year’s Resolution for 2010


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    Congrats on being so useful! Instead of resolutions, I’m going for New Years Intentions… mine includes to work in the service of all our collective children. I’m heartened by the power we parents are waking up to in the very nature of our collectivity, and our love for our kids. I was heartened that you liked “Avatar,” as I did not expect to like it, much less find it to be a potential harbinger of a more conscious, authentically connected world we who actually care about the kids may be on the cusp of more exuberantly co-creating.

    For arcane thoughts on “Avatar” see: