Life Scoop: Getting Ready for 2010: Goal-Setting for Beginners

I used to (secretly) think goal-setting was for overachievers, but I’ve changed my tune. In my next post for the Intel-sponsored site Life Scoop, I talk about my new, exciting foray: goal-setting for beginners. Is goal setting as tricky for you as it is for me? Or do you have any surefire tips to share? […]

Xbox winner!

What an amazing array of staycation ideas! Thank you to all who entered. I'm going to read through them and share them with you in a future post, but, in the meantime, I'm sure you're wondering who won the Xbox… … the graces of the Integer Generator have smiled upon… Andi! (Who's ideal staycation […]

Reuse mesh fruit bags to store bath toys (drip dry!)

I've been trying for a long time to come up with a good use for those mesh bags in which satsuma oranges come packaged. Finally! Pay dirt! They make great drip-dry holders for bath toys — just hang the bag from a plastic suction cup hook in the shower! They'd be good as summertime sand […]

Life Scoop: Five ways texting can make your life easier

I used to say my cell phone was for emergency use only, but that certainly isn’t the case any more. I’m now a texting fiend. My next post for the Intel-sponsored site Life Scoop, shares five ways texting makes my life easier. Do you text? Why? Click over to my Life Scoop post and leave […]