Amazon deal: $50 gift card with Wii console + Wii Fit Plus purchase

If a Wii is one of the items on your holiday shopping list, you might like to know about this Amazon deal: Now through Sunday, 11/22/09, if you buy the Wii console ($199.99) and Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board ($89.99) at the same time, Amazon will toss in a $50 gift card you can […]

links for 2009-11-18

Surfing Mom SC: Parent Hacks. 3 Ways to Secure a Napkin Because noone remembers to pack a bib every time. Thanks, Eleni! ToweLocs: keeps towels on the bar Ha! This is a great idea. Thanks for the heads-up, Andrea! Empty Refrigerator: Black oilcloth tablecloth works as table-top chalkboard So, so, smart. (And Evonne, I spy […]

Thanksgiving planning tips? Send ‘em in (and win a prize)!


Are you already planning your Thanksgiving festivities? Are you going to cross your fingers and wing it (heh! turkey pun!)? Are you a grateful, relaxed guest? How do you keep the kids entertained during the slow march to the Thanksgiving table? Any Thanksgiving-specific travel tips? Leftover strategies and recipes? Conversation starters? Learning opportunities? Do tell! […]