links for 2009-11-20


  1. Angela says

    Thanks for sharing the article from Time Magazine. . .

    I can only hope to fall somewhere between the two extremes as a parent; it’s good to see that people are aware of the dangers of “over-parenting,” even though we live in a time when we really can’t simply let our children “run free”, either.

    What a difficult time to be either a parent, or a child!

  2. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Angela: Agreed. I linked the article here because I think it’s an important topic, but I also think the writer is overly smug — ridiculing parents who are obviously trying their best. We can judge the over-the-top types as easily as we judge those who neglect their kids. While the majority of us fall between those extremes, who dictates what’s “right” in that gray area?