How to blow awesome bath time bubbles with baby shampoo!

We're nothing if not practical here at Parent Hacks. Tell me if this hack doesn't revolutionize bathtime at your house! From John:

We've completely eliminated the need for bath toys when traveling (and at home) by conjuring big bubbles from thin air. With baby shampoo on my hands (straight from the bottle, it is too hard to get the right consistency once it has been on a kid) I rub my hands together to get an even distribution. I flatten my hand with all the fingers together and then curl my fingers over into a C. At the same time I slide my thumb along my pointer finger to the tip creating a film of soap in the circle formed by thumb and pointer finger. (It's important not to pull the thumb's tip away from the pointer finger.) A light blow (the more dramatic the more magical) and then slide the thumb back into line with the hand to close the hole. Voila! I'm magic! And there's nothing up my sleeves. (In fact, sleeves just get wet. :)

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