Gold coffee filter makes oatmeal baths a lot less messy

Gold cone coffee filter

If you're like me, your gold coffee filter is sitting, forgotten, at the back of the kitchen cupboard. Brooke put hers to use simplifying oatmeal baths:

I've found that the very best thing for my toddler's occasional diaper rash is a warm water soak with oatmeal. The creamy water really seems to soothe the irritation, and a good soak all but removes the red of a nasty rash. My go-to oat holders used to be cheesecloth or old stockings, but the goopy mess afterward was totally gross. Then I decided to give our gold cone coffee filter a try. Perfection! I fill it about 1/3 full with plain oatmeal, then hook it over the faucet in the tub using the handy-dandy black handle. No oats in the tub, no goopy mess to clean up afterward, and no more toddler diaper rash!

Yogurt cheese maker Unhook your mind from the topic of diaper rash for a moment. Now then, I'll share another good use for a gold cone coffee filter: yogurt cheese maker. Yogurt cheese is simply yogurt that has been left to drain its whey till all that's left is a thick, cream cheese-like blob (believe me, it's a lot more appetizing than it sounds). Great base for dips, spreads and dessert toppings (try mixing it with powdered sugar and a dash of cardamom. YUM.).

To make yogurt cheese, balance the filter over a measuring cup or glass using whatever cone holder you've got. In a pinch, you can remove the holder from your coffeemaker (clean it first). Fill the filter with yogurt then let it drain in the fridge till it's as thick as you want.


  1. Lisa J. says

    I also found that baby oatmeal cereal created less mess and dissolved better than regular adult oatmeal when used for this purpose.

  2. Robyn says

    I have used baking soda for bad diaper rash (to the point of almost and open sore) The soda takes away the pain of the rash and helps dry it out. A big plus is my hands end up super soft. Just pour half a cup or so into a paritally filled tub.

  3. says

    While both of these uses for the coffee filter are great ideas, I kinda wish they’d been in different posts! If I ever made that yogurt cheese, I’d have trouble keeping the idea of diaper rash out of my mind!

  4. says

    The “yogurt cheese” can be used in any recipe that requires sour cream! It not only makes a great dip base, but goes on baked potatoes, tex-mex foods, etc. We make it by putting a standard disposable paper coffee filter in a strainer over a bowl and leaving it overnight. I have actually taken the resulting product and put it in a sour cream container and nobody knew it was wrong. Truly amazing stuff and great for you too!

  5. Parent Hacks Editor says

    I TRIED to dissociate diaper rash and yogurt cheese. Clearly unsuccessfully!

    Faye — I don’t know about metal being a problem. It never has been for me, but if that’s not a good idea, a regular paper coffee filter works as well.

  6. says

    My 7 month old is learning to eat with his own spoon and yogurt is too thin to survive the acrobatic routine to get into his mouth. Yogurt cheese on the other hand is perfect – nice an thick and clingy.