Glow stick bracelets as nightlights

Richelle's creative night light solution:

When my 3 year-old son was afraid of having bad dreams one night, I gave him a couple glow stick bracelets left over from Halloween. They made a great night light for him. I was thinking they would work especially well for traveling or camping, when plugging in a regular night light wouldn't work.

A word of caution: I'd only do this for older kids who won't put the bracelet in their mouths.

PS. According to another hack, glow sticks last longer when stored in Ziploc bags!

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  1. Penny Heeren says

    Actually, I had a reverse hack that worked really, really well after a recent camping trip. They sold necklaces that had a very small “flashlight” that basically was similar to a battery powered glow stick that could be turned on and off very easily. I picked it up for the camping trip and several months ago and he’s been using it ever since at bedtime. He feels even safer cuddling under the blankets when he can turn on his neck-lite.

  2. Daffodil says

    You could always tote along one of those small 3M hooks that come off the wall cleanly. Hang one up, hang up a couple of glow bracelets, and voila! Portable night light for traveling. Probably wouldn’t work for camping, but it would work at someone’s home or at a hotel or something.

  3. momo4 says

    We had a power outage the other night and I used one on a flashlight for the kids, in case they woke up during the night & needed some light. Worked great!

  4. CapitalC says

    This idea is a good one ONLY if the child can’t touch the glowstick. There are incredibly horrific chemicals and glass inside those things and if the child were to chew one or break it open … hello hospital.

  5. says

    thanks for the suggestion. my daughters are having a hard time going to sleep. I tried the conventional night light, but it seems to have frightened them more. for some reason, the light illuminates what could be lurking in the darkness. LOL.

  6. Erika says

    As a former copy editor, I dislike redundancy, but I really must add my voice to the chorus warning that these bracelets can break open and cause all different kinds and grades of havoc. Our three-year old gave us a scare when, minutes after giving her her first glow bracelet to play with, she appeared with glow all over her face and around her mouth. Nothing serious ensued (didn’t really ingest any), but we were worried. Enjoy the glow, but keep ‘em out of reach for the littler ones, please!

  7. says

    As good an idea as this seems, I actually had this same idea the first time about 4 years ago all to no good. ;) My son knew what was what with the chemical glowstix and how to handle them so I had no worries, but in his sleep, he’d managed to put it in his mouth and bit into it.

    The package had conflicting warnings. One side said ‘non-toxic’, the other said ‘do not ingest’…so I called Poison Control and they assured me the chemicals inside are bitter enough to prevent most children from swallowing enough of the liquid to do any real damage and that a small bite wouldn’t likely allow the large shards of glass from the vial out of the casing.

    They sent an ambulance anyway and the EMTs had a good chuckle over my (then) 4 year old’s glowing blue mouth. His black sheets, vintage 50’s night stands and headboard, and new carpet were all ruined, though.

    I’d pass on this tip since we tried it again several years after the first incident and he did the exact same thing “accidentally”.

    No more unsupervised chemical glowstix. ;) We instead went to local discount mart and found some battery-powered glow stix in the sporting goods dept. and the batteries have lasted for YEARS without needing replacement. These necklace-style, battery-powered glowstix cost us $1.50 4 years ago and we’re still using them. He’s chewed and bitten them and hasn’t managed to get through the case yet. ;)

  8. says

    Oops, forgot to mention another solution for younger kidlets – Disney used to print Bear in the Big Blue House books with glow in the dark Luna and stars on every page. When we fanned the pages of the board books in front of a light before bed and set it on a nightstand, it made a completely safe, softly-glowing night light for our little one. =D

    There are glow in the dark trick-or-treat buckets and other toys that would give a nice, soft glow at bedtime, too, without the chemicals. =D