Turn a crib sheet into a non-kickable toddler blanket

Brilliant cool-weather problem-solving, Jessica!

My toddler wakes every night crying because she kicked off the blanket and is cold. I took another crib sheet and cut the elastic away except for the two corners on the ends. I tuck those corners under the mattress and let the rest of the sheet cover her. She can't kick it off as easily and it is lighter-weight than her blanket, so she stays warm (but not too warm).


  1. Becky C. says

    Love it, I’ve got some crib sheets where the elastic is almost shot, I’ll have to try it…

  2. says

    Interestingly enough, if you buy the toddler bed sets. That’s what the sheets look like. We got a Disney Princess one that has a sheet, fitted sheet, and a blanket. I wish you could just buy the sheet….. This hack would have been so helpful a few years ago.

  3. says

    I’m more in the “Halo sleep sacks until they go away to college” camp, myself. In the One Step Ahead catalogs, they have sleep sacks that’ll fit a 5-year-old. Of course in those larger sizes, they’re fleece only, but I think my mom has the sewing talent to make a sleep sack out of cotton jersey material. I really WISH Halo would make the cotton jersey sleep sacks in larger sizes!