Coat “slimy” food with Cheerio dust to make it easier for finger-feeders to handle

CheeriosA use for cereal dust! Adam, you and your wife are heroes:

Our 11 month-old son is almost completely off of jarred baby food and onto solids, but has always been picky about foods that are sticky or sort of slimy like cut up grapes and bananas (it doesn't sound so appealing written out… "slimy!" Yum!). Recently my wife came up with a great idea: coat them with Cheerio dust. Now he doesn't have any problem picking them up and doesn't get frustrated that he's got sticky hands.

Ah, those texture issues. Don't you love them? It tells us a lot about how attuned kids' senses are…sounds, images, smells, textures…all so intense for them.


  1. says

    When my daughter would not let me feed her anymore, we mixed Cheerios with all kinds of baby food. This way, she could use her fingers to pick up her own food – it was great! She is 7 now and continues to love Cheerios mixed with vanilla yogurt for breakfast and snack. She does use a spoon now thought – hee.

  2. mar says

    I’ve read this idea in a couple baby food books. Another that I did with extra nutritional benefits was to use wheat germ. Nice to have around for all of us to use too.

  3. Ghanimatrix says

    I tried this trick with fruit for my son when he was an infant, and it really didn’t help at all. YMMV.