Empty pop-up wet wipe containers make good car tissue holders

cottonelle.jpgTracy has submitted countless hacks over the years, and they're always so simple…yet smart. Tracy: I anoint you with the Parent Hacks Forehead Smack of Brilliance!

We have a couple of those flushable wet wipe containers from when my kids were toilet training. We fill them up with tissues and put them in the car. They're smaller, so they take up less room and much sturdier than a tissue box. If you happen to buy just the right kind of Kleenex and place them in there just so, you can actually use the pop top on the container, as the tissues will come right out, one after another like a normal box of tissues.


  1. snarflemarfle says

    Thanks so much for this hack!! I read this and immediately thought of the poor, crushed box of kleenex in the floor board of my car. I had an old wipes box that I was using to hold something else unimportant and promptly took that the the car, pulled out all the kleenexes and plopped them in the wipes box. They’re perfectly safe from crushing and pop out of the opening just perfectly!! Thanks again!!

  2. says

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