Write driving directions on the back of the party invitation

Amazon: Curious George Invitations 8ctRaise your hand if you have ever a) bought a birthday present for your kid's friend while on the way to the kid's birthday party, and/or b) hopped in the car with minutes to spare before the start of said party only to realize you have no idea where it is. I've never done either of these things, mind you. I'm just wondering if you have. Ahem.

Shivani's hack won't get the present purchased the week before the party, but it will help save some driving hassle on the way there:

As soon as I get an invite in the mail (birthday, wedding, party, etc.), I write down the directions on the back of the card using the Internet. That way, there is no scrambling the day of the event to get the directions.

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  1. shirky says

    my mom always had a box of neutral gifts just in case. books, puzzles, art supplies, that kind of stuff.

  2. Mia J. says

    We also use the labels, but usually to print a map to put on the back of the invitation. This is a big help for those without GPS/ smartphone readily available, or if your address is one that doesn’t show up reliably in those systems.

    We also really try to buy rectangular invitations now so we can print the details directly on the card.