Turn the arms of outgrown sweaters into legwarmers

Turn sweater arms into legwarmers

Look at Brienna’s adorable daughter! And those cozy little legs! Those homemade legwarmers are stylish, practical, and free:

With my 4 year-old daughter starting preschool and dance classes, I repurposed an old sweater she’d outgrown and cut off the sleeves to turn into legwarmers. I simply stitched the cut end. The wrist end of the sleeve holds perfectly at her knee while the larger (shoulder) end of the sweater is loose enough to accommodate shoes. This way she can get an extra month or so out of her spring/summer dresses & skirts. Plus, she loves them for dance, and it was a free, need I mention GREEN, solution!

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  1. Becky C. says

    And if you’re feeling particularly crafty, you can make a hat out of the “body” part of the sweater. I love the legwarmers, so cute!

  2. says

    Very Creative, But not the first time we have seen this done. Usually you will find that athletes come up with creative ways as well to use old clothing to wear during games.

    How would you make a hat out of the rest of the sweater though?