Turn empty drink bottles into indoor bowling pins

Laura’s indoor bowling hack is simple, fun, and (basically) free:

In late Fall, and Winter especially, it can get pretty boring to have the kids indoors most of the time. My three young boys and I came up with a bowling game that they love, causes no mess and keeps them entertained for a long time. It’s active too!

We take our used water and juice bottles and fill them with uncooked beans, (about a 1/4 full for water bottles, and about 1/2 full for bigger juice bottles), tape the caps on, and line them up for bowling! We use small, soccer-sized Nerf balls to aim and have fun! When they get bored with bowling, they inevitably use the bean-bottles as maracas! Recycling can be fun!

We’ve brainstormed indoor play ideas before…there can never be too many.

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