Silicone baking mat as playdough work surface

Silpat Natalie's quick thinking saved her plenty of cleanup time:

Just this weekend I was looking for a surface on which my three year old could go to town with some new playdough and silly putty. Her art table is from IKEA, the small wooden square table variety with a cloth on top of it.  Well I had used a Rubbermaid top and cookie sheet before with some luck, but I wanted something flatter and something that fit better given the size of the table.  My silpat baking mat was the answer! It was a perfect work surface for all the rolling and smushing we wanted to do.  Clean up was so incredibly easy!  I will definitely use it again.

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  1. says

    A silpat tho, can be cut by a knife and then you can’t use it again. We use the flexible cutting mats that you can get for cheap at Ikea (yay, it opened here this summer!). At playschool, they use placemats.

  2. mes says

    I did this too, for a while. My son likes to use plastic knives on his playdoh, and that made me nervous for my silpat. I was thrilled when I found a small plastic mat meant to be used with a rotary cutter – the kind quilters will use. It was at the dollar store too, so far cheaper than a silpat.