Sew socks onto pant legs to keep them on a wiggly toddler

Here's how Jem keeps the baby feet covered:

My free-spirited 14 month-old boy has waged a war against socks. As it is getting chilly hear in Canada going barefoot isn't really an option. My solution: I found some knit pants in his size and sewed a pair of socks into the bottom. Because they are lightweight they can be worn under his pants when it is really chilly. When he gets over this phase (soon I hope) I can just unpick the seam and still have usable socks and pants.

I will STILL find random baby socks in hidden corners of my house.

Who else has a good tip for keeping socks on toddlers?

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  1. says

    I guess my advice works more for girls than boys, but tights! Through all the cold weather months, she wears warm tights under her pants or skirts.

  2. Jassica says

    Rebecca, your advice could well work for boys too! We’ve been living in Germany for a year now, and all the little boys wear “strumpf hose” under their pants. They are cotton tights in solids or nice boy patterns. They also have a nice selection for girls. The ONLY thing I don’t like about them is that it’s just one more layer that has to be taken off when changing a diaper on a squirmy baby. This also solves the problem of the gap between socks and pants that occurs when the baby is sitting or being held or crawling….

  3. says


    Oh, I’ll have to order those for my son when he’s a toddler!

    My daughter (21 months) is already potty trained, so it isn’t another layer when diaper changing, but the extra padding of the tights does help her keep the pants up! (she’s also a skinny minny, and w/out tights, her pants fall down!)

    I suppose it’s another layer when she goes potty, but we just pull the tights down at the same time as the panties.

  4. rathgrith says

    I thought of doing this, glad to hear it works!

    I don’t safety pin them for washing – I got a lingerie laundry bag at the dollar store and keep it with his hamper, clothespinned to the side. I keep his dirty socks in there and wash them zipped inside so I don’t loose them.

  5. says

    I was going to suggest tights as well! My son made boy number 6 out of my sisters and I (with two more that came later) and they all wore tights.

    The other thing I did was use shoes – Robeez and Pedi Peds – to keep the socks on.

  6. Jassica says

    Rebecca, I hadn’t thought about the tights helping to keep the pants up. I’ll have to use that with my almost 4 year old!

    I do think this is a good idea Jem. I love hearing how parents make do on-the-fly!

    And without any disrespect intended, Sunny, I’m thinking you’ve not had a very head-strong and obcessed toddler! The way I see it, you pick your battles, especially when it’s something s/he’ll likely outgrow on their own. I know solutions like this greatly decrease the stress level in our house!