Peanut butter as hiccup cure

Stephanie's delicious cure for the hiccups: Here's my totally painless [and high protein! — Ed.] cure for the hiccups: Give your (older child only please!) a silverware spoon full of peanut butter and have them eat it all at one time. Volia! Hiccups instantly gone! I think it works because the PB is so thick […]

Cinnamon prolongs the life of your Jack O’Lantern


Just heard this yesterday and intend to try it out: you can prolong the life of your Jack O’Lantern if you sprinkle ground cinnamon inside the cut pumpkin (including the cut top). Apparently, the heat of the candle also makes it smell good! Any more tips for preserving your Jack O’Lantern? More: Easy Halloween tips

In the Parent Toolbox: Family cash flow spreadsheet

If you haven’t already dropped by the smart personal finance site Wise Bread, do. I discovered it when they joined the FM posse, and I’m hooked. Family Budget spreadsheet by Wise Bread View more documents from Julie Rains. Their contribution to the Parent Toolbox is so simple, and yet so powerful — a “Where does […]

No-mess applesauce: single-serve cup + straw

No-mess applesauce

THE CUTENESS! Oh, and the hack’s good, too. From Erin: While on vacation with my aunt, my daughter (almost 2) messed up a ton of outfits while eating applesauce. She loves to feed herself, but is such a messy eater. My aunt had the brilliant idea to put a straw in the top of the […]

Turn bread heels into kid-sized hamburger buns

The too-big hamburger bun? No longer! From Ellen: When we make hamburgers we don’t make a full-sized burger for our 3-year-old son. So instead of wasting a full-sized bun on the little burger, we take the heels of the current loaf of bread and cut out a circle from each using his kiddie-sized cup. They […]