Momversation: To cry it out or not?


To cry it out or not?

It's every new parent's big question: How do we get the kid to sleep? There are many answers, including what's often known as "ferberizing" or letting the kid cry it out. Some parents are matter of fact about it, others think letting kids cry themseves to sleep amounts to abandonment. What do you think? Heather of Dooce kicks it off, and Mindy, Karen and I respond. You can too in the comments at!

I got rid of the embedded video because for some reason it's on autoplay and I can't change that setting. (Thank you, Daphne, for pointing this out; the sound on my computer is broken, so I didn't hear it!) The Momversation producers are on it. Till then, you can watch the video at Momversation.

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