Momversation: Do you play favorites with your kids?


Do you play favorites with your kids?

And would you admit it if you did? Heather of Dooce prompts the conversation, and Mindy of and I respond (special bonus: extreme closeup of my mushroom earrings). How about you? Join in at!

I've gotten rid of the embedded video because for some reason it's on autoplay, and I can't change the setting. (Thank you, Daphne for pointing this out — the sound on my computer is broken so I didn't hear it!) The Momversation producers are on it, but in the meantime, you can watch the video at Momversation. — Asha

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  1. new mom says

    you are bound to have a favorite. Just make sure it’s not always the same child. My husband and his 2 brothers take turns being the favorite. While the youngest was the only one at home he was usually the favorite. When we produced the first grandchild my husband was the favorite. This dynamic system is honest and not terribly offensive as long as everyone gets to be the favorite sometimes.