Medicine called “dragon juice” somehow tastes better

Here's how lookmomnohands takes the "bite" out of giving medicine to her preschooler:

I've noticed that my son, though he's allergic to almost everything, doesn't like to take any kind of "medicine" to treat his allergy symptoms. Even gummy bear vitamins go to waste. However, his recent interest in dragons from Qubo and lions from wherever prompted me to tap his imagination rather than simply forcing medicine down his gullet.

Whenever we see that he's having an issue, we will instead offer him "dragon juice" for allergies, or "lion juice" for pain. I'm sure other names would work as well, such as fairy or mermaid or princess tea or a magic potion. [Because "mermaid juice" just sounds gross. — Ed.] Now our son will happily march into the bathroom and take a dose of whatever we have prepared.

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