Halloween craft: Turn a canvas tote into reusable trick or treat bag

FamilyFun: Canvas treat bagShivani's fun tip doubles as a pre-Halloween craft project:

I know a lot of people have collected the plastic/cloth re-usable grocery store bags. By decorating the bags, you can make a sturdy trick-or-treat bag that hopefully won't rip with the weight of the candy. You can re-use the bag year after year!

FamilyFun suggests letting the bag double as an autograph collector. I say give the kids some permanent markers or fabric pens and let them decorate how they like!

Who else has a creative idea for homemade candy collectors?

Photo credit: Disney FamilyFun

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  1. Kristin Guidry says

    I just saw a cute idea in familyfun magazine. Use photo transfer paper to attach a picture of your child in their costume each yr. onto a canvas bag that you can get cheap at Art supply stores. Makes a cute way to show off the coustumes from past yrs.