Flu season hack: Tape an empty tissue box to a full one for a built-in tissue “trash can”

Sarah (who has been sending me good hacks for years!) offers this germ containment strategy:

I use packaging tape to attach an empty tissue box to a full one (side by side) so that when my kids use a tissue they can stuff it into the empty box. No more stray dirty tissues lying around. Works great when someone has a cold and they are using lots of tissues in a short period of time.

So, so smart. When I empty the bathroom wastebasket, I invariably have to escaped used tissues. This way, no one has to touch them ever again.

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  1. kristin says

    It’s a great idea for older kids. My younger two (4ish) consistently mix up the two boxes so the clean ones get sullied by a dirty one or a dirty one is reused.