Cinnamon prolongs the life of your Jack O’Lantern

CinnamonJust heard this yesterday and intend to try it out: you can prolong the life of your Jack O’Lantern if you sprinkle ground cinnamon inside the cut pumpkin (including the cut top). Apparently, the heat of the candle also makes it smell good!

Any more tips for preserving your Jack O’Lantern?

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  1. Melissa says

    The only thing I’ve ever heard is slathering vaseline on all of the cut edges (inside and the carving). It’s messy and things tend to get stuck in it, but I guess it helps a little.

  2. says

    I’ve tried the vaseline trick and it does work but you have to also wrap it in saran wrap and keep it cool. Easy for smaller pumpkins to fit in a fridge… not so easy for the giant ones. LoL I’m definitely going to try the cinnamon trick this year! How could you go wrong with pumpkin and cinnamon? In the very least it HAS to smell yummy. Hey maybe I’ll add a little nutmeg and allspice in one just for fun.

    Thanks for the great idea!

  3. says

    I have found that if you spray the inside liberally with Lysol, or another spray disinfectant, it slows down the molding process. Just be careful not to put a candle in right away, learned that one the hard way.

  4. Lisa says

    We use a Funkin (a fake pumpkin). We can save the from year to year. A little more expensive, but you can usually get them 50% off at craft stores around Halloween.