Amazon Friday sale: AeroBed (for kids and grownups) 40-50% off

In today’s Amazon Friday sale:

Aerobed for KidsConsider thinking ahead to holiday houseguests. Two AeroBeds are on sale today: the AeroBed for Kids (40% off at $59.99), and the AeroBed Guest Choice Inflatable Bed (twin size is 46% off at $49.99, queen size is 51% off at $59.99).

The kids’ version has a 4-inch safety surround to help prevent little ones from rolling off, but the queen size Guest Choice would work for kids AND adults…and if a kid rolls off an 8-inch mattress onto the floor, would it really matter?

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  1. says

    I would give my eye teeth for one of these that can actually with stand child-sized punishment. We’ve gone through four air mattresses in the past two years.

  2. Karen U. says

    I wonder if the previous commenter actually owned THIS airbed? I have two of these I’ve had for two years now and we use them frequently (probably 10-15 nights a year?), whenever we visit my inlaws who are only a few hours away or for our entire week or more on vacation every year. I blow them up at the beginning of our stay and they are inflated the whole time. They are frequently jumped on and walked over and they are still doing great.

    I can’t see how I could do without them, since I never worry about where the kids are going to sleep when we go somewhere. There is plenty of room to grow for my 6 year old too, I’m sure we’ll get at least another 4 years out of these.