In the Parent Toolbox: Henry’s Alien Attack Slideshow (a PowerPoint Storybook)

I admit I'm a PowerPoint shunner. Having been exposed to one too many boring slideshows, I find I've blamed the messenger. But this addition to the Parent Toolbox (especially after Kristen's amazing slideshow illustrating her husband's deployment for her kids) may have turned it around. Kid's Storybook in Powerpoint by Finslippy View more presentations from […]

No need to thoroughly wash the pumpkin seeds

The most time-consuming part of roasting pumpkin seeds is separating them from the stringy pumpkin innards  — a slimy job, to be sure. But here's one occasion where laziness pays off: I roasted our seeds last night after a cursory rinse, leaving most of the pumpkin strings attached. Tossed with oil and salt, roasted at […]

links for 2009-10-26

Fix Me A Snack: healthy family-friendly snacks You can never have enough… Clear-lidded spice container makes a good die roller! How smart! Keep the dice on the table by containing them in a little clear-lidded tin! Spray paint your pumpkin I like the reverse orange/black look! Smart-Bottom Enterprises: Tissue Ghosts Halloween decor even little ones […]