29 September 2009

You won't forget items stored in a friend's fridge if you toss your keys in as well

BRILLIANT. From Shivani:

When my sister and I were younger, sometimes my parents would have to store items in the fridge at someone's house when we went to visit (such as medicines or milk). To keep from forgetting these items when they left, my dad would leave his keys in the fridge next to the item. That way, wouldn't forget the items in the fridge as he needed his keys to drive home. You probably could do the same at work or school to make sure you don't leave leftovers overnight in the fridge.

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I do the same thing with getting the kids ready in the morning. All the items that they need to bring to school that day that I don't just do out of habit (i.e special projects, permission slips) get put on the table with my keys sitting on top.

That's the best tip! I'm always forgetting things at friends houses.

This is exactly what I do when I do shopping during my lunch hour. If I buy I put it in the fridge at work and leave my car keys in the shopping bag. That way I can't go home without the milk.

I do the same thing with our diaper bag at church and the YMCA...

As our youngest is now 3, we still need a bag for spare clothes, but it's not so critical that it's always attached to our shoulders. Because of that, we are more likely to forget to pick it up on our way to the car. I use the carabiner on my keys to attach them to the bag strap... no bag, no way home.

This only works for you non-urbanites who drive everywhere, so you need your keys when you leave.

For us urbanites who walk, bus, and/or subway everywhere, this would likely result in getting home only to find you had forgotten your keys, and were now stuck outside your dwelling with no way to get in.

I used to do this @ work to remember leftovers as well. I suspect it shortened the life of my car's alarm/autostar/lock gadget, however.

Yup, we did this just last night... Didn't want to forget our left-overs from a home cooked meal! Works every time!

Apply this idea to your baby in the back seat. Keep your ignition key on one ring, the others on another ring. Put that ring with the baby in the back seat. Forgetting even once will lead to disaster, especially on a hot day. By putting the keys with your baby, you will never rush off in a hurry.

Benn doing it for years and it WORKS like a charm!

Yep, I'm sure that will be great for my car's transmitter keyfob and my USB drive. Why is it a big deal if you forget some food at a friend's?

This is exactly what I do when I do shopping during my lunch hour. If I buy I put it in the fridge at work and leave my car keys in the shopping bag. That way I can't go home without the milk.

It's a really great advise. I use the same trick. I Put my car keys on top, so I can't leave without the object. I just wanna say that I would not recomend to put the keys inside the fridge, because those kind of objects have a lot of bacteria all over.
But whe whole idea i'ts very good.

agree with the keys on top of the fridge, no damage, same result!

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